Coming to New Orleans - Airport and Out!

New Orleans, Louisiana through my lenses! 

Join me as I ignite my lovely memories of the city I lived in for more than three years!

The city that welcomed me with open arms. 
The city that taught me lessons that helped me grow. 
The city where beautiful, warm, caring, thoughtful and loving Filipinos live!

B L A S T  F R O M  T H E  P A S T

I was just as excited as you are! New Orleans here we come!..

YES!!! I was here! We are here!!!

Different races! Different... different... different! (but the SAME, right?)

We could hear the jazz music all over the airport! Beautiful New Orleans music!

At last our baggage!!! Can't wait to see what's in store for us!!!

Oh, I am loving New Orleans already!

My journey - Our journey just began...

taken after California Spring break 


  1. The airport loks small and crowded based on the photos, Am i right?? I didn't realized that there are a lot of kababyans living in New Orleans whish is nice to know... kasi alam mo naman ang pinoy kahit mo kakilala nung nasa pinas kapa mababit parin at matulungin sa kapwa pinoy...lalo pa nalaman nilang baguhan kalang sa isang lugar..

  2. Good luck in your journey in New Orleans.

  3. I'd love to visit New Orleans in the future.. :) Thanks for letting us experience going in and out the airport at New Orleans thru your photos.. ^^

  4. I'd love to visit New Orleans for the pub shows! I'm a jazz and blues fan :)

  5. Wow! New Orleans!..

    Ang Sarap naman mag drive dyan..
    Parang walang Traffic.. :) (Last Pic)

  6. Such a lovely place. Im a Cali boy and havent had a chance to go out and visit other places. It was nice to have a glance of New Orleans.

  7. This post gives me a tour of the airport like I was there myself. :-)

  8. Ur series of photographs are also series of beautiful stories in the foreign land. stay fit and keep on posting interesting post like this:)

  9. Oh my ! This post is very welcoming. This reminds me why I like airports. Everytime I arrive in a new place, I always feel like the airport welcomes me to the city. :)


  10. Its like watching out for a series..
    And new Orleans and Louisiana is a place I'd want to explore when I have teh time of the world

  11. Good luck on your journey teacher! :D hehehe

  12. Airport Tour! :) Goodluck on your journey in New Orleans. :)

  13. Coooool post more on your stay there! :)

  14. It's always an exciting experience to
    be in a new place totally different in culture
    or maybe the same in some aspects to where
    you originated. Good to hear that New Orleans
    welcomed you with open arms.