Coming to New Orleans - Canal Street

Let me take you to the HEART OF NEW ORLEANS - Canal Street!
   Still, a lot would take the bus as a form of transportation.
 ...but most, prefer to walk!
 This is the downtown, the center of New Orleans.. where a lot of things are going on!
For one, remember "There's just one more reason to love New Orleans!" advertisement in the airport/luggage section? well, that's HARRAH's New Orleans Casino
Major establishments and businesses are located here.
This is New Orleans' Riverwalk.
It overlooks the beautiful Mississippi River (I'll show some more pictures of this, next time!) 
See the New Orleans' STREETCAR?  New Orleans is also known as the "Hollywood South"! 
They were actually filming, I was just lucky to be there that time!

To know more about THINGS TO SEE AND DO in NEW ORLEANS.
Visit their website @ New Orleans Online


  1. You're lucky to witnessed the shoot! Nice place too!

  2. New Orleans looks nice! :3 Omo! I wanna go there sometime. ^__^

  3. Nice! Beautiful place there.. Hoping to visit soon :D

  4. New Orleans...a place where you can discover new things! Nice photos.

  5. Great place! Hope to be able to visit new Orleans also someday! If God willing.. Hehe ;) and good timing for you to witness a filming, no crowd? If that's in the Philippines I don't think you can even walk straight with all the people watching.. ;)

    1. no crowd! they must have gotten used to camera crews and filming! lol! visit soon!!!

  6. Cool!!! Would you happen to catch the movie that was being filmed then? Looked action packed! =D

  7. nice. i've never seen a filming live before except for the news though. :o

  8. indeed very nice! i would like to live in new york as well where everything is as good as hollywood haha maybe i can see someone filming like this!! your very lucky dear!! i love how clean still the other countries compare to any asian countries. xx

  9. Looks like a great place to walk a lot. Btw, what's the title of the movie being shot?

  10. love the pics you have taken Gemma! and lucky you, for witnessing the shoot. any idea what movie?

  11. jejeje kala q totoo:) wow nice you've witnessed the filming

  12. Ooooh the filing looks interesting. Banggaan scene? Ano kayang movie yan?

  13. I enjoyed looking at your pics! Thank you for bringing us to New Orleans, I had fun!:)

  14. Wow! Never chanced upon a movie set while traveling. By the way, how's the food there? New Orleans soul food sounds awesome!

  15. Wow! That is so cool! You should tour us i the future if ever magka chance kami makapunta ng New Orleans!

  16. The things I know about New Orleans is how Anne Rice describes it in her novels
    from the charming old New Orleans to the modern day beautiful place.
    Never mind that it's in Louisiana, with swamps and alligators abound,
    and the contrast of the town, lush description of local and their sexy accent..
    I get excited when I get the opportunity to talk to some clients from Louisiana,
    How they drawl their tongues is a dead give away.. :)

  17. It seems to be a real cool place to live. I have just read of the place in novels. Now I have a photographic print in my head too. :D

  18. NEW ORLEANS...
    fully recovered from devastation
    it has great establishments and the atmosphere
    seems inviting. thanks for sharing these photos.