Shirts and Jeans!

I was thinking of getting a Back-to-School-for-Teachers loan at a credit union here in Gallup. I was told the union will ask for a contract (for SY 2012-2013, as proof of employment).

Well, it was Monday and in my mind I still have 4 more days of vacation. I wasn't really ready to be seen in the office with jeans, slippers and shirt yet! lol! but WHY NOT?!, so I decided to drop by the office to get the contract.

A lot of cars were parked outside, meaning most of them have gone back to work already, which made me wonder.. but then I had no plans of meeting people or visiting my place in the office. I had blinders, I will just see the secretary and go!

Armed with a smile on my face, I went and signed my contract. Never mind what I was wearing, Lol
but LO and BEHOLD!

Stated in my contract was my start date which was supposed to have been the Thursday of last week! Oh my!

Left me with no choice, I had to see my boss to confirm, he negated. Ok. Good. But checking the salary scale.. it felt like cheating! The figures were not the same!

Long story short.. I went to work that same day! Wearing the same thing! Lol!

I missed my first dayyyyyy! wahhhh! No frills, no coo-coos.. hehe

So back to work! About the loan? - nahh, never mind. To work means getting paycheck early! Still, a blessing in disguise :)

P.S. It's been 4 days of work and guess what I've been wearing? (shirts and jeans!:) Lol!

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  1. Jeans and shirts for work.

    Can't do that here in Thailand. Or else you'll be bombarded with comments such are impolite today!

    Grrr..How I envy you for that Ms. Gem.