Las Vegas Boat Harbor

Last April, 2013 we decided to go out and see the sun in Las Vegas! Actually we were headed to Disneyland, California but decided to stop over Las Vegas to pick up a friend who would join us in the Spring Break 2013 tour! Lol!

While I, my husband and kids were all debating if we would stop over Hoover Dam. We had been to that place 3 years ago (Christmas Break of 2010); and we sure had fond memories of the amazing place but still, I was voting for all of us to see it again at summer time. Unfortunately, I didn't win, and so after a rest room break at the nearby Casino hotel; we all decided to see the big fish at Lake Mead National Park - particularly the Marina now part of the Las Vegas Boat Harbor.

My daughter, Mymy, took all the photos posted here.

Mimoi's big smile!

.. and so we came to see this!
... they were big Tilapia indeed!


We could have stayed longer  but it was windy, cold, and almost night time plus the visit wasn't really planned....

... and of course, the kids were already shouting Jolibee Jollibee!!! Yep, we needed to travel 6 hours just to taste the happy bee!

 ... but we loved what we saw, so it's all good! Beautiful marina indeed! :)

April 8, 2013
Lake Mead National Park
Las Vegas, Nevada


  1. Wow! At first glance, I thought the TILAPIA is a small TURTLES. Hahahaha...sobrang laki! Nice to see Vegas in a different angle.

  2. beautiful.. atleast i got the chance to have a glance in some part of Vegas with your pictures. Stay happy there!