I'm 40 and I Love It! :)

I AM 40!!!

Well, that just took a lot of courage in me to be revealing my age when I've actually stopped counting at 33! 

When asked about my age in application forms, I had to subtract the year with my birth year before coming up with the correct age! But of course! LOL!

Why did I stop counting? Direct Answer. I've decided to stop judging myself. 

Age, would be people's way and sadly, my own personal basis of how I should act, behave and look based on what the society expects me to act, behave and look! I'd hear people say that I should act my age! HUH? So, would that mean, the older you get, the more serious, dull and boring you become? Mmmm, that's just not what I envision my life to be, unfortunately! Lol!

Age would also be the basis of what status we should already be at, at this age, "You should already be married with kids?" DUH? and ostracize those who have chosen to stay single at high-risk pregnancy ages? 
No, no, no, no, no.

So, I've decided long ago to stop counting and just enjoy my years on earth!

And.. now at 20.. I mean, 30.. oh yeah! 40.. Lol! I've decided to lovingly accept me as me! 

Acceptance will start from me... and who I've become after 40 years of living, loving and learning and I am embracing all of it wholeheartedly! 

I am grateful , blessed, and full of joy for all the 40 years of God's blessings and miracles in my life. I am still amazed, full of awe and wonder, and will continue to be fascinated and enchanted by His love, compassion, and generosity for another 40 more years of life! :)

Thank you everyone for sharing this momentous event of my life! :)

To God be the Glory!