Finding Joy in Teaching Again

In the last few months, I was stuck with little kiddos day in day out! A first timer in this field, I should say, it is hard!

Hard because of the following reasons:    
**  I set high expectations on them. I should right? To not treat them special, but just like any other regular kids… and this is where I do have the biggest concern! Treating them as regular kids automatically put them to the top of my bar – perform at 100% not 90% not 80% but strictly 100%! No Excuses! This sounds good, right? No, not on my list. Why? Because I am mean, really mean! I will get into your system with my stern voice, I will suck your blood with my strictness and I will make you work with no mercy! No love, no care, no holds barred. Scary, right? 
** I have not been in the field of teaching for three years, never taught in a resource class, and not with elementary kids with disabilities! I have been pampered sitting on my desk working on a computer, driving to schools and working with teachers or facilitating a meeting with parents but teach in elementary school?! 
**  I have to collaborate with other people who feel they know everything about the kids they don’t see all day! Well… I teach people what to do, right? So get into your place! Uh-oh!
Without seeing it happening, I have fallen in the resist – resent – revenge cycle. For months, I have not allowed anyone to tell me what to do. I covered my ears, hid in the dark, and locked my internal room! I blamed them all. I complained. I pointed fingers. 

I didn’t realize it was all me and the victims were no less, my little kiddos.

In the process, I have kept myself from enjoying and finding joy in what God has gifted me; the joy of being in the presence of the little kiddos. Now it is giving me goose bumps to remember Jesus and His words, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  
God has a purpose. Given, I do not want this position; I just forced myself to want it! I could go on and on with all my excuses and it would still be no excuse… no reasons are excuses for how I am becoming.

I remember copying the picture of Pope Francis with his quote “The world tells us to seek success, power and money: God tells us to seek humility, service and love.” The whole time, I wanted to be successful, I tried all teaching strategies that will work best. I modified, deleted and changed structure –and although, I brought in little teeny successes from my little kiddos, it was all because of fear -- simply because I failed to change me. 

I have forgotten to be humble, to be of service and to love…

I thank God for allowing me to wake up and for giving me another chance to find me in these little kiddos. I thank God for another chance to correct, to turn 180 degree and to find joy in the process. 

I have two more months with them, and I would like these last two months to be filled with happy learning, excitement and high expectations… with just and consideration. 

So help me God.


  1. Teaching is never easy. It really pushes you to the limit. But seeing those kids appreciate you at the end of the day is priceless.

  2. I salute teachers like you. I'm sure you have one of the longest patience in the world if there's a right term for that undying patience.

    1. uhmm... I try to be patient :) hard as it is :)

  3. There are very few who love to share their knowledge and teaching is one of them.hope you'll enjoy your job in future as well.

  4. You are really good at teaching and you are a blessing to a lot of people as you get to mold the next generation. A tough approach would also be good for them early on.

  5. It's really great to be reading you Miss Gemma. It's been a while since I've bumped into your posts since I've put my blogging aside for months. Now, reading this post inspires me to do better in my own teaching skill. Brilliant share as always.

  6. I wanted to learn to teach naturally, but I'm quite shy. I respect those who are very efficient in their way of teaching. I want to be close with kids too, there's something very touching when a teacher have a good relationship with kids. They're kids, give them happy memories...

  7. I am glad that you have realized your mistake and that you are doing something to correct it. I have high respect to all the teachers like you.