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Before coming here in the USA in September 2007. I was really very curious!

First and foremost, it was my first time to ever leave the Philippines! I didn't even have an idea as to what "another country" looked like! I was that naive!

So, I had too many questions! From: "What will happen to me in schools? What will the students say? How do they look like? Will they understand me? What about the teachers, are they nice? What about the system?" To: "Will I survive???"

My only prior knowledge then was School-related Hollywood movies! And, hmmm, it was not heaven at all!

Thus, I surfed the net and did my research.

I was hoping to find a STORY of a real Filipino Teacher in America, who shares her thoughts, her experiences, insights, and learning. I was hoping to find a website that would allow me to prepare when I go there!

Unfortunately, I did not find any STORY! Yes, there was news about agencies being sued, teacher rallies, achievements, organizations existing in a particular area... But, what I was really looking for wasn't there or maybe I just didn't surf enough?

So, just like being married, I was in for a surprise! I had to find out for myself my WIFM "What's in it for me?".

And this is my story... my stories!

I am dedicating this blog to all FILIPINO teachers who are wanting, or at least dreaming to see what life in another country, well, I haven't been to any "other" yet, but America, so this blog is dedicated to all FILIPINO teachers who are aspiring to work in the land of milk and honey?!!?

Check out my other blog MY DAILIES for daily gems.

I'm very excited to start...

Thank you all for reading and following my blogs!


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  1. your story is so incredible , I will share my own stuff when i told my parents that i'm leaving for america they couldn't believe and at first they don't believe me ha ha ha again they almost didn't approve of it I told them they have to choose if i'll stay in the Philippines they gonna be problematic or i'll be in america for them to be a pensioner lol . My mom just asked me one thing what will I do in america and my reply is for me to enjoy life and that's what i'm doing .Life is what we make it . The quality of life that we have is the quality of the decisions that we made in our life . If we choose to be problematic we will have problems but if we choose to be happy everyday we will be happy that's why we have to choose it everyday

  2. very gud gemma! as one of your former teachers i'm proud of you! - Linda A.

    1. Thanks so much Ma'am!... you all taught us very well! and we'll forever be grateful! :))


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