1st Spring Break!

Got to believe in Magic…. 

I was given a free trip to Los Angeles during my 1st Spring break here in the USA!

Here was my diary...

March 21, 2008
New Orleans International Airport 8:45AM
Awaiting departure to Atlanta, Georgia.. going to LA, California. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Yamanashi and IRH for the round trip ticket… 

... here I am… doing a first time again in my life! – traveling from one state to another, on my own!! kind of liberating, scary at first or more of excited? 

I am just starting my 10-day spring break journey, on a Good Friday! , (thanks to RSD for the laptop, it keeps me company as I await my flight!), and I know the experience that I’ll have will simply be dreams coming to reality… telling me that indeed, we simply got to believe!:) And so it is.:) 

Atlanta International Airport 1:22pm
Time difference indeed. Left New Orleans at 10:35am flew for 1 hour and 22 minutes, arrived at 12:57noon.. 

And here I am, still waiting, this time, in a different airport, still with different people doing different things to while the time away… 

LA, CALIFORNIA here I come..

(continued here...)

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  1. i love travelling alone, i think it's really liberating and a beautiful experience =)

  2. You are truly blessed. :) I hope that you get to have more interesting travels there in the US. :)

  3. A free trip! Great reward for a hard-working teacher like you :)

  4. The next adventures could be just a step away from your door..
    What more if you're crossing through channels, differing time zones and mesmerizing cities.
    It feels good and liberating!
    Its the kind of feeling I'd like to share when I travel..
    You just broke down a wall, and I say love the road.. it's the climb that's make it worth it. ;)

  5. oh wow! happy for you to be able to travel. really free tickets? generous friends/boss Yamamashi and IRH! i'm sure you have enjoyed your spring break. you deserved it!

  6. Wow, free trip? Nice! Super okay na yan kahit solo ka lang. :)

  7. A free trip? Wow! That is so cool!

  8. so excited for you dear! have a nice vacay! xx

  9. You're so lucky to travel for free and quite unfortunate that you took the trip by yourself.
    Anyways... just take care and more power to you! GOD bless always.

  10. Nothing beats a free trip to a lovely location. I got envious all of a sudden. ^_^


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