A Dream Come True!

Kids on Skype 2007

I kissed my kids goodbye. 

They were sleeping when I left them...

Funny, it happened like five years ago and yet just thinking about not knowing what happened the day they woke up without me by their side, just makes me teary-eyed.

Later, I asked Mymy, our eldest, what happened that day, she didn't answer she just cried - remembering! 

She was 5 years old then, while Mimoi, one year old. 

Thanks to Facebook for photos, Skype and Yahoo Messenger for video calls...

But still, the truth was, I missed a year of their lives.

Nothing could compensate that!

So, seeing them again after one year was a real blessing for me!

Kids at NOLA airport 2008

It was a dream come true!

 I thank God!

This was taken in 2008.
Kids are now 10 and 6.. Time flies!


  1. Galing! The other way around naman nung hinatid namin nils Daddy sila sa airport pa US! Hehe - Jun

  2. Enjoy and treasure every moments with your family! Happy family <3

  3. Awww such a beautiful family! ;) God's gifts. Very nice post.

  4. aww. time definitely flies. :) as a child din of an OFW, i know how your child must've felt. :)

  5. They say that the best things in life are free ~ family included! Yes, what a beautiful family! Treasure them! God bless!!

  6. It's difficult to live away from your family, much more for a parent to their kids but the wonders of technology makes the world a smaller place. Of course, nothing beats being with your love ones.

  7. Time flies indeed , buti nalang naimbento ang facebook . Thanks to modern technology.

  8. This was actually a painful experience for me to read. The first part I mean. I'm glad you were able to see them again.

  9. If only there was a way that we will not have to leave our families, we will all probably take advantage of it. The nice thing however about going away for a while is seeing the people you love when you return.

  10. indeed very true that time flies! i missed one year of my daughter as well when i left her in philippines. its sad to think but im more happy now that were together again! xx

  11. the wonder that kids bring to our lives....

  12. I'm glad you were able to come back and be there for them. It's really important.

  13. Aww. It's never too late to make up for it :)

  14. indeed, time flies really fast. The good Lord has finally granted your wish to be with your kids.


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