My Disneyland Dream

It was a childhood dream to visit Disneyland someday. 

Thanks to the generous people of my life. 
I was given a free 10-day round-trip ticket to Los Angeles, California on my 1st ever Spring break in our school district in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I blogged about it 4 years ago here.

I was literally happy, smiling and elated the whole day, I was at the happiest place on earth!!!

I was grinning and beaming! I was just soooo excited to be here!!!!
Carpe Diem!!! My dream came true!!!
See the smile.. it was literally pasted there the whole day!
No time to waste, we were taking pictures here and there. We were walking, lining up, and getting tickets here and there!
I soooo love it here!!!
Beautiful Parade of Dreams!
Thanks to my friend, Mardee for bringing me here!!! Mickey long time no see!
It was just a beautiful picture in my mind... and it was realized!

Thank you God for making it possible, now and always!

Dreams do come true!!!

Believe it!!!

March 21-30, 2008
New Orleans via Atlanta to Los Angeles -
Pasadena - Hollywood trip

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