My Vision Board

Being a visual learner, what helped me and is still helping me remember what I want in my life is through vision boards!

Back in Lucena, Philippines prior to the USA opportunity, (and I blogged about it on my other blog My Dailies-entitled Powerful Thoughts) I would really cut out magazines, pictures, photos and words with emotional impact on me! - and make a collage out of it!

Here are some!

This one I created back in 2008 just because I was so eager for my family to join me already!  

There was even one where I just doodled a car (because I did not have one yet; did not even know how to drive then!), a driver's license,  Licensure tests passed, and a drawing of me picking up my family at the New Orleans Airport! - GUESS what? it all came true!

Here's the latest, I made use of the images found on the internet and just made use of MS Paint!

 Through my vision board, I know I am activating the Law of Attraction! By just doing this very simple activity it is as if my mind is making my dreams a reality already! 

A real helpful tool to make our dreams come true!

Try it and see if it works for you too! :)


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