Beautiful Rock Formations!

Beautiful Rock Formations of Colorado Plateau!

Ute Peak or Sleeping Ute Mountain, Cretaceous Rock Formation - formed by intrusion of igneous rocks at about 72 million years. (on our way to Cortez, Colorado)

 arches type rock formation.. on our way to a uranium mining company.

 Not sure where this is. Lol! But I see Moenkopi and Chinle Formations... mmmm, I think! Lol!

 Paradox Basin, if I remember right!

 The Grand Canyon (North Rim) in Arizona.

 Picturesque view of the Glen Canyon Dam.

 The beautiful Capitol Reef in Utah.

Mmmm weird rock formation... Lol! It is actually one of the 67 sedimentary pipes in Kodachrome Basin National Park in Utah where we camped.

 Amazing scenic views from once an ocean a long long time ago!

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