Socorro Adventure Day 5: More to Come

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It was fun to study again!

I guess, I had so much fun that I'll be back end of July for more education! Yay!

I was told we will be building a brand new desktop computer from a kit, install a couple of operating systems/open software and develop a website (time allowing).. and then we can bring it home! Now, isn't that fun!!! LOL!

Prior to that by Monday, we will be leaving (with classmates, not sure how many enrolled) for a 10 day camping trip - remember this post? To Camp or NOT to camp?

Well, I've decided to put aside my fear and anxiety. I will just go, show up, savor the experience and have fun!

We were given the itinerary already and well, we will be going to different mines, geologic structures in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, including the Grand Canyon! Nice huh?

I am pretty sure, I'll be taking photos and more photos!

Hoping to learn GEOLOGY this time!

Breathe in, breathe out! Let me pack my bags!

Happy Summer everyone!

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