How old is old?

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So I contacted my 89-year-old friend again.

She's at home, she said, working on her crossword puzzles.

"I thought you joined the Senior Center?" I asked.

She said, "Oh, it's not for me. They were too old for me!"

Too old?! Lol!

She is 89 years old!!! How old is old?!!

I guess, age is really just in the mind. Like everything else, it all begins in our mind!

I was just browsing at some of our family pictures. You see, my husband and I just celebrated our 12 years of being married, and that means... well... 12 years!!! Oh my!

Our eldest is already 10 years old, and she has grown big and tall! She was just a baby 10 years ago!!! and that would mean I've grown 10 years older since the day she was born.

But, I feel like I haven't aged! Lol! It's all in the mind. Well, in my mind, I continue to be 27 years old! hehehe

It all begins in our mind.

If my 89 years old friend says Senior Center is not for her, because the place and people in that place, are just too "old" for her. Then, at her age, and I admire her for that, she's remain young, vibrant, happy, excited, eager and full of life.

She isn't old. She won't be.

It's all in the mind.

So how old are you?

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