5 Little Things About Santa Fe and Work

1. Slow Time
As I am sitting here at my desk while everyone's sleeping, I feel blessed to be a newbie at work. You see, I was supposed to travel to two of the districts we are working with down South of New Mexico, but with the paper, processes to get your travel approved, it didn't push through.  

Don't you love slow time at work? It feels like a time-out when you can recollect yourself, gather your thoughts and just eat your candy hehe... while learning the system!
It's basically doing your own thing. No time clocks, no one telling you what to do, you simply have to be proactive and do what needs to be done. Usually, all triggered by an email or a phone call. Other than that, you are responsible, accountable and should manage your own time.
... and by exactly 5 pm, zoooom people go home!

Well, as of this time, that is the first thing I love about my job to date! Slow Time... I just have to love it until it last!

2. Office Location and Office mates
We are close to parks and shops (the area is a tourist spot). So, I get to roam around during breaks and feel like a tourist still.

My co-workers are great. We are only 8 in a team. The other bureau occupying the office space are quite nice too. I love it especially when they will ask me to join them to walk during afternoon breaks. Walking sure does relax the mind and helps you get through the rest of the time.

Oh, one more! With an hour of lunch time, I get to do what I love most during breaks! Read!

3. Paper Bags
Yep, Walmart, and all stores here in Santa Fe don't use plastic bags anymore! They use recycled paper bags instead. Cool, huh.. until you rip the bag and all your groceries fall out. Lol. A pain sometimes... can't have it all! :(

4. Our Apartment Location
We're in the center were traffic and craziness happens but we won't know what's happening when inside the compound because we are in the sound pollution free area. Nice!

5. First Name Basis
For some reason I find it hard to just use first names.... when I worked at Ayala Systems Technology years ago, we were using first names too. it doesn't matter if you are at the top of the ladder, you will be called Johnny or whatever your first name is.

Coming to America, it was hard for me to let go of the polite words such as Sir, Ma'am, Mr/Mrs. Last Name.... but then, what the heck, for some reason, I just have to let it go and I did it here! It frees one of the feeling that he/she is better or has a higher position than you, which is good.

Happy Face :)

NAMASTE. I miss this word.

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