A Boss Like Him!

He told me he's an atheist. He said "Maria, there is no God. Just like, there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy!" Since he's my boss, I just have to respect his beliefs, even if I don't agree!

Nonetheless, that did not change my admiration for his leadership skills.
In my seven years here in the US. I've been blessed to have principals, assistant principals, and special education heads, in all seven schools I've worked with, who possess admirable leadership qualities. Up to this time, they are still keeping in touch with me and are happy with my stories!

My current boss, however, is one of a kind!

I've never seen someone who would push you to your limit to achieve your dreams. I've never seen someone who would want his subordinate to be at the same position as he is! But, that's how he is!

When I was his IEP Facilitator, he asked to me apply at the Special Education Coordinator position that will soon be vacant. Who would do that?! I wasn't ready for the job, of course, I didn't grab it even if he already referred me to the Special Education Director!

When he worked for the state. He has not forgotten about me and encouraged me a number of times to apply too! (same position, yes!) The amazing thing is, the more he humbles and forgets himself, the more he is blessed! In just 6 months he was promoted to the Director position!

Funny, it was as if my words have power when I said, "I don't want to be at the same level as you, I want you to still be my boss!".. and it happened.

Now, after a crazy year of wandering away to experience some more- thanks 2014 - we are back as a working team again!

God is for real. Even if my boss doesn't believe, his ways are godly and admirable. Amusing.

I shook my head a number of times today, my first day at work. I still couldn't believe I have a cubicle, LOL! 

I am still flustered by the whole new experience working with the state... on federal grants. 

It feels weird to have made it this far... and yet, it feels like home.

Simply grateful.



  1. That job you have right now is really for you. Just waiting for the right person...and it's you! Congratulations!


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