I got the job! :)

Should you be worried though? Nah. My personal philosophy is, if it's for you, it's for you. It's all a matter of wanting the job so bad, you will be awesome! It's also about finding that one job which will bring out the best in you...and will make you fulfill your life's purpose... [Interviews, Interviews and Some More Interviews]

I got the job, I'll start tomorrow and I am not sure what to feel! :)
When I left the Gallup district last Jan. 2014 to teach in an elementary school in another district, my boss told me he got the job with the New Mexico State Department of Education. I was elated, he knew it was my dream job (...because I want to audit schools! Lol!)

Summer of 2014, I received a text from him inviting me to apply at one of the same open position as him! I was so excited, but I told him, I didn't want to be at the same position as him as I wanted him to still be my boss! I also had to decline because I already said yes to the IEP Facilitator job in Gallup. 

For some unseen force, the IEP job didn't push through so we all had to move to Farmington. I went back to teaching middle school students. I love Farmington and the good Filipino community in the area, but career-wise, I knew, sooner or later, I will have to move again.

November 2014, I received another message from my boss again - this time, his position was open - because he got the promotion as the Director! I was hesitant, but I've got no more excuses.

I applied, got referred and then I received the offer for an interview.

I just shook my head when I asked my boss about the number of applicants and my chances. He told me, "15, I can't speak to your chances, just be your charming self."

[All smiles]. I got it!

.... and with all my heart and soul, I thank You God for the opportunity! I'm not sure what awaits.. but I trust it will all be for the best!

Cheers, 2015! :)


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