My Heart's Desires I See

It has been 8 years since we landed here in the US to work for the schools. For those who know me personally or follow this blog, you know I've moved and stepped up on my career ladder.

The view from up top is different.

If before my only concern was the list of students on my caseload, my regular education teachers, writing of IEPs and the district's program for it, conducting IEP meetings and other concerns to checking of IEP compliances and working with the schools in my district, now, it is totally different! I love it!

Along the way, i.e, from too many restructuring in the schools and districts I've worked with, and the numerous interviews and application processes that I've been through, plus the experience of working with different colleagues every time, I believe I had, serendipitously, created a capacity for me to eventually achieve all my heart's desires.

Now that is a very good question... what is really my heart's desires?

I know how impulsive I can really get. When I want something, the universe seems to zoom in and make it happen! It is simply amazing!

Sometimes, I wonder if I have no participation in the changes, but, who am I kidding? 

I am the forerunner of my life! The leader of my thoughts and actions! 

I have always been someone who would rather be the cause of reactions than be on the reacting side. I love to start the action and be responsible for it. I love responsibility and accountability. I love leading, especially leading my own thoughts, and sailing my own ship to where I want to go.

My journey here in the US simply bloated that power. The power to lead. To lead the person who we have the most control of, ourselves. Myself.

What's my point? Well, the stage lights are on me again, and I'm about to make some shifts again for the nth time on following my heart's desires. 

In my heart, I know the bottom line. I believe it St. Augustine who once said, my heart won't rest until it rests in God. I know it is God creating the uneasiness in me, and I'd always respond by doing this. Writing.

Maybe, God has some message, I still don't get. Mmmmmm.


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