Together Forever: My 2nd book on Amazon! Yey!

“Lord, give me a boyfriend, pleeeeeeease….”

When all my friends were already into relationships, I begged God for a boyfriend! It took years of waiting, or so I felt. I did not realize that “waiting” was all part of God’s plan.

When my God's gift finally came, we tied the knot! And we lived "happily ever after!" NOT.

Instead, we debated, wrestled, walked on thin ice, and fell into deadly silence. It was crazzzzzzy.

"Lord, please bless us with love to last a lifetime," I prayed. And God sent me 16 couples with lessons to guide the way.

Together Forever is about every couples’ vision of “happily ever after." A vision that will only be possible with God at the center of the relationship.

May this book inspire, bond, create more joy, and bless the lives of many married couples at the early or middle stages of their relationships, now and for always.

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