Weigh Before You Pay

There are many options for participating in the J1 visa program of the US Department of State.

I have listed your options here: 


In summary, you can do any of the following:

1) Go direct 

2) Go apply with local agencies with partner agencies in the US

3) Go use third-party agents in the US

Do not get super excited that you sign the first contract/agreement that an agency (#2 and #3) gives you.

Please KNOW that:

  1. You have OPTIONS!
  2. You don't have to settle with one agency at once. Feel free to window-shop or look around.
  3. Third-party agency fees are always separate from sponsor fees, US embassy fees, flight fees, etc. 
  4. Third-party agents would like to earn your business, so you have the power to choose.
  5. Rushing won't help. Exercise due diligence.

Things to PONDER in this journey:

  1. How am I changing in the process?
  2. Am I becoming the best version of myself?
  3. Am I following my heart's desires?
  4. Is this what God really wants me to do?
  5. What value do I get from this experience?


  1. Because your decision will not only affect you but your family in the long run
  2. Because I've seen many families broken because of the lure of the US dollars
  3. Because I've seen professional teachers lose their integrity because of money
  4. Because truly, it isn't just about the money but the person you are becoming.
  5. And because at the end of the day, the man in the mirror is you and you alone are accountable to GOD.

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