About Bringing Your Family to the US Under J2 Visa


Should you do this or not?

We all go through challenging choices.

And making a decision could be tricky.

You get to weigh a lot of things!

But the most critical element will always be knowing what you VALUE the most while hopefully taking away FEAR from the equation.

Unless you all move out of your comfort zones, you will forever be stuck with "what-ifs." Your excuses and unfounded fears will rot you in your boxes.

Outside of it is a freeing experience - not just for yourself but for your spouse and children as well! Who knows, the US experience could be the greatest gift you can give your children? Or not bringing them to the US is the wisest choice!

You can never take back time.

But the good news is you will always have something to learn. And that is something to be cherished!

The decision isn't easy, I know. 

If you fearlessly brought your families here in the US (or working towards it), congratulations on taking the risks! I commend you for choosing to experience the US culture with your family over costly fees! (versus buying branded things, yeah!) Hopefully, your spouse and children will appreciate their US experience forever!

To those who chose to not bring their families here, I admire your self-control, sacrifice, and purpose! I hope you make wise choices with your finances and savings!

Whatever you decide on, I know it's all for good! 

Things to consider:

  1. J2 Visa Fees - some sponsors charge yearly fees per dependent.
  2. J2 Visa Insurance - you will pay monthly/quarterly insurance fees per dependent.


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  1. I am bringing my spouse with me. I hope we can endure the challenges while enjoying happy moments together in US ❤️

    1. oh yes and may your relationship become stronger! happy for you!

  2. Not everyone has been given a chance to go to the US. Don't take away that chance. I am talking about my personal experience. I just came home after almost 5 years of being a J2 in the US. Having a Social Security Number is an opportunity that a tourist can't have and of course working there is a big help for the family. God bless.

  3. im planning to bring my spouse with me also

  4. Given an opportunity, I want my family to be with me maybe on the 2nd year of the program. I want to make sure that I can provide for their needs while being with me on this beautiful journey. Lord, hear my prayer. 🙏


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