About New Mexico Teaching License

About New Mexico Teaching License.

Teach-USA recommends securing an NM license early if you plan on teaching in the US.


  1. New Mexico is the only US state that provides applicants with temporary SSNs for license purposes.
  2. The NM License is valid for nine years.
  3. It is easier to secure another state's teaching license with an out-of-state license (than with an out-of-country license).
  4. When you have your NM license, you can easily reciprocate the license to the state where you, God willing, will be hired. (It's an easy way in!)

Please know that you have OPTIONS to secure this license.

  1. Do-It-Yourself
  2. Use Teach-USA's Services
  3. Use Other's Services


Please send an email to: apply@teach-usa.net

Subject Line: New Mexico License Inquiry

And we'll send you information on how you can do it yourself and how much we charge.

Please do COMPARE FEES before paying if you choose options #2 or #3.

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