All For A Reason by Lamberto


Everything Happens for a Reason and in God's Perfect Time! 

I was just an ordinary trisikad (pedicab) driver, market vendor, and kargador back then who once dreamed to have a quality and stable job. After graduating college (thru our school's academic scholarship and very generous samaritan who helped me), I got my dream job - a Teacher. 

I never thought of working abroad before since I was overwhelmed with the happenings of my life when i got my pay already, that I was able to experience great things like traveling, riding an airplane, going to Manila, and all which I thought were only in my dreams. 

My dream of going to US started when 1 of my friends (co-teacher) was hired in Texas as a Math Teacher. Upon looking at his pictures during his stay in US (esp when he went to NASA - my dream place to visit), I really said that someday I can go there as well. I asked him about how to apply to teach and he gave me their agency's website. I tried but I stopped since I didn't have my passport yet.

Just this year, I am very thankful to my co-teacher, my friend, and my mentor in school Ms. Liezl. I just visited their faculty room that time when she asked me if I want to apply for a teaching position in US. I answered that I want to but I don't know how will I make it and how to do it. 

She then referred me to TEACH-USA. She guided me on how to apply in Teach-USA and what website to check. There were times that I want to give up due to financial reasons but she is always there to help me. 

She always said that "God will always provide because He knows that our intention is good". I thank her enough because if it wasn't for her, I can't make it. 

The struggle was real but God allowed me to be successful in the end. Finally, I said, God super duper thank you, you are really the best! 

-Written by Lamberto  

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