I Am Ready by Bethoven

Ready na? Ready na? Aha! Aha! 

That was how I set the mood of my students every time I start a lesson or whenever I start a program in school as the Master of Ceremony but this time, I think I need it myself!

Am I really ready? 

Around October 2018, someone told me about TEACH USA. She told me to apply and right away, I applied! 

I took every phase step by step. I loaned for money to pay for the expenses just to be on time on the phase that I was taking. I always remind myself to be on time and not delay!

I know God will never leave me behind because God is in my heart! 

I realize that hard work, optimism, perseverance, determination, and strong faith in God can lead to a positive result!

Believe in it because I have done it already as I couple it with prayers! 

I love Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” I keep on pondering this everyday and it served as my guiding light towards my mission to teach in the US.

Thank you God for the fulfillment I am feeling right now. I know this is God's plan to me and I will use this as my guiding path to make a difference to my students in the US.

A million thanks to Teach-USA for everything you have done to me. Thank you for the love, care, support and trust you have shown and shared to me. Your dedication to help us who are strangers are unconditional like what God has given us. 

Thank you also to my colleague who shared TEACH-USA and to my co-applicant who is also from the same division. 

Let us now soar high and aim for success!

All things are made to be possible if we will trust God all the time because He is good.

To God be the Glory!

-Written by Bethoven

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