I Made It by Jsel

“Aren’t you too young for this?”

“You are inexperienced, you think it would be enough?”

“Are you sure about your decision?”

“Will you make it?”

I get these questions from others and at some point I also asked myself about it. 

The moment I decided to pursue my BEEd Special Education degree, I really embedded it in my mind and in my heart that I will become a Special Education Teacher and that one day I will in the US!

I held this dream with me as I lift everything to God. I envisioned myself to graduate, get a job while reviewing for my LET exam, pass the LET exam, get my Master’s Degree and then after the contract in my first workplace I will pursue my dream - which is to work abroad. 

And YES, it ALL happened with the guidance of our Almighty God. 

I graduated, became a licensed professional teacher, finished the contract in my first school and now I am almost done with my Master’s degree. 

Then, the fulfillment of my long awaited dream!

It may sound as a plan perfectly laid out and accomplished but to tell you, I’ve had my own share of battles too!

During the timeline of my interview stage, it was an arduous journey. 

It’s not the interview that gave me a difficulties but the situation I was in during that time. 

My family was extremely affected by the pandemic. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I actually had my first interview DURING MY BIRTHDAY. I remember I was crying while my friends were singing a happy birthday song to me! 

Unfortunately, it was not tears of joy but tears of sadness because that day I heard that my dad was rushed to the hospital. 

Even after I blew my birthday candle I was still in the same state. 

A few minutes later, I received an email from a principal asking me if I was available for an interview in two hours! I was happy and at the same time surprised because I wasn't prepared. But I thought this was a great opportunity and I didn’t want it to slip away, of course I grabbed it! 

So yes, I had my interview with my eyes so puffy and my nose so red from crying (thank you sa make-up dahil natakpan konti). 

Before the interview ended, the principal told me that he will recommend me for hire and he will keep in touch. 

Days have passed and I had interviews from different districts as well. 

They all recommended me for hire but nothing was official unless I receive the job offer!

With that, I prayed and said “Lord kung sino po ang mauna magsend ng JO sa akin, dun mo ako gusto magteach”. 

After a few days, I got the JO from the district who first interviewed me. GOD IS TRULY AMAZING!

You know, this was what I prayed and told Him the night of my birthday before the interview, “Lord, this interview is an amazing blessing and I thank you for that but if you will grant one wish for my birthday I would choose the healing of my father and the rest of my family members. I will choose them to be healed rather than getting the dream job I’ve been longing for. Kahit hindi ako makakuha ng work sa US basta heal my family po”. I asked Him that but God didn’t allow it to happen. 

Why? Because He granted me both blessings. The healing of my family and my dream job. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT so far!

If you thought that was it, no. 

Because our batch had to go through a lot! It was our district’s first time hiring J1 visa teachers so they had a lot to prepare and process. 

We were given another sponsor because the first sponsor wasn’t able to push through. Our group had the LONGEST waiting time amongst all. Grabe talaga.

Minsan natanong ko nga, Lord matutuloy pa po ba ako? 


One night, we received an email with the content that made us realize that it was TRULY WORTH THE WAIT!

We all made it!

Now back to the questions.

Am I too young for this? Is my short yet filled experience enough? Am I sure of my decision? Will I make it?

Age is just a number. Young or young at heart deserves every bit of chance in this world. 

My three years experience may be short but as long as I survive each day it will always give me new experiences and lessons to learn in life. 

I still have a lot to pour in my cup. I am already a few inches from the finish line. 

I feel ecstatic, excited and scared at the same time but I know I WILL MAKE IT because GOD IS WITH ME ALL THE TIME!

My marathon journey is almost over but I know I need to gear up, strengthen, and prepare myself more for the coming Olympics when I get there.

My utmost gratitude to Teach-USA for guiding me all throughout my race. Thank you for all your patience in answering our questions even if it already has obvious answers (sorry po ma’am naniniguro lang para hindi magkamali haha).

Thank you for your prayers and for believing in us!

Remember this, your dream will remain a dream forever if you will not take courage and initiate the first step. 

Take the risk. 

Whatever the result or consequence will be, know that it is all part of God’s plan for you. 

Have faith in God and believe in yourself. We all have different timelines. 

You will make it! 

Claim it!

This photo was the Visual Board I made back then. Teach-USA taught us to create a vision board to help us - and it works!

Thank you, Teach-USA!!!

-Written by Jsel May

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