Not Giving Up by Jaybee


Teach-USA is an opportunity who knocks at my door many times. 

Many times because I almost let it pass by me. "How come a Filipino (bisdak) like me will go to US to teach American students?" 

Also, nobody referred me to Teach-USA. 

As someone coming from the farthest part of the island of Mindanao - Sarangani Province, it is almost impossible for me to raise enough funds.

But with God EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE for as long as you believe!

My husband supported me all the way. God provided for my needs more than I asked for! He gave me real friends who stood by me in this journey. I cannot thank them enough!

Indeed, God will bring you through. You should NEVER GIVE UP! Hold on to your dreams. You deserve it. Filipinos deserve the BEST! 


- Written by Jaybee

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