Payong, Katol and Puno ng Niyog by Thirdy

My story has many colors.... And when we combine it all together, it forms RAINBOW— my personality! 

It all started with a single FB post of one of my friends last September, 2018 and it really surprised me. I sent him questions but I got no reply. I kept on asking things about the process, requirements, and steps to take but still he refused to answer. 

With my eagerness, I flooded him with messages and even called him a couple of times (Yes, makulit ako). And because I was abrasive enough he sent a screenshot of Teach-USA page and said “Diyan ka nalang mag apply!”

Yes, at first I have unending questions about the legality of the agency. I was confused and hesitant to apply. 

I made some researches but I got only few results! With my eagerness to know, I joined the page, and my journey with Teach-USA started.

I thank Ma’am Lim  for her video blog and testimonies. I watched it every time I open my FB to ensure that I was in good hands. 

I really do want to have changes in my life, to be free from loans, and achieve my dreams and aspirations. 

I know that it was risky but I needed to take it because I do not want to get old with nothing to share.

With this, I complied all requirements needed for initial screening and was happy to be part of the Teach-USA family. 

The collaboration part was the most tiring part for me.

We live in a remote area. It is 40 minutes from the city and we do not have an internet connection, and it was greatest frustration!

I couldn't even go to the city everyday to have updates of my application because  of my work! The city is far from my place and the last ride going home is 6 pm. 

If I will go there, I only have minutes to work and I couldn't fully manage it in a period of time. I sometimes work it in the street while walking, waiting for a ride, and when I was on my way going home. Yes, it was so difficult! 

I even bought a signal booster to have good reception at home to feel comfortable  but there was nothing even a single bar and the money spent was all wasted.

People were always wondering why I was always in the next barangay sitting down the road or even uphill under the coconut tree after the class until evening. 

People were curious so they would ask me questions but I focused on the work at hand! I was there because it was the only way I could connect to the internet so I could finish all the collaboration activities. 

At night, there were times when I was the only one there in the dark with the crickets. It was really scary but there was no other option than to face my fear! My parents even scolded me for always going home late! 

I had to walk for 20 minutes in a dark creepy road in order for me to be at home. (Haist yan buhay sa bukid!)

Yes, I endured it for almost 6 months of walking about 20 minutes everyday to be on another barangay, working under the coconut tree and going home very late at night all alone. (Hahaha hinabol pa nga ako ng aso) Rain or shine I must be there in order for me to catch up and to be updated with the topics.

Thank you sa payong, katol at puno ng niyog sa loob ng halos 6 na buwan.

The month of December was really full of emotions and dramas in my life!

My long time boyfriend for almost two years was based in Malaysia as a Medical Technician got my heart broken! 

I surprised him with my application in USA. I told him about my plans but then his emotions surprised me more! 

He was angry and he did want me to pursue it. He does not want me to be in US! He let me choose between our relationship and my Teach-USA application.

Yes, I chose my career in Teach-USA over him so I can change my life for my future and my family!

We separated and until now there is no communication at all. 

That month, typhoon hit and our barangay got flooded! The damage was so big. 


I was feeling nervous during this stage because I have the feeling that I might not be interviewed by any principals.

I applied to all possible vacant positions in the link in every school district sent by Ma’am Gemma. 

I prepared myself for the possible interview questions by answering it on my notebook and rehearsing it almost everyday before bedtime, and waking up in the morning or even when I was washing dishes.  

I really wanted to have a job offer and I worked hard for it. Opportunity comes only once and I didn’t want to let it pass!

I prayed so hard - very very hard! I have visited many churches and offered prayers so that my voice would be heard. 

It was April 27, 2019 when I first time I received message from instructional coach in a US school to set a schedule for an interview. It was a surprise birthday gift for me! I was so happy and excited because I was prepared! For me it was already an answered prayer!

But then, after two hours I received another email postponing the interview! I was so sad and disappointed! It really ruined my day. But when the door closes there is also some other doors that will open sooner or later. Kaya I moved on agad agad!

I was scheduled for the initial screening in another state last May 10 in the morning.

With my excitement, I hurriedly checked-in the hotel prior for my interview and about to sit with Talent Manager of the school district early in the morning. I waited for almost two hours with my suite (Americana) but nothing happened. It was another failure! 

Money and efforts were thrashed that moment. But, I was still positive enough to fight for my dreams. Kung sa akin para talaga sa akin!

Luckily, Teach-USA informed me that my resume and video link were forwarded to the school district and might be invited for an interview for the next days. 

I am really thankful to Teach-USA for forwarding my papers to a school district and for their guidance in my endeavor. 

May 21, 2019 at 11:45 PM and May 22, 2019 at 4:30 AM were my scheduled dates.  Yes, I had two interview dates and the interval was just a matter of more or less 5 hours. Kaya walang tulugan!!!

Again, I checked-in the hotel for me to have a good internet connection, have my suit, rehearsed my lines, and I was set for an interview.

I was the second applicant to be interviewed. My phone rung and when I opened my Skype, the principal of High School was there— Mr. Carl! Simple Hi and Hello to start with our conversation and he kept on repeating my name because he couldn't pronounce it correctly. (Hehehe) 

He allowed me to introduce myself. He asked about 5 more questions and we were done! Really fast! I was very positive to have an offer. I was really feeling it based on his response- I felt I was on the right track!

We were sailing very smooth throughout the entire interview seemed like an ordinary conversation. We even laughed together. The best line I liked was when he said “We really need you to come and to teach us here in high school!"

He asked if I could teach Algebra 1 and Geometry and I said “Yes!” with a gusto! It was so fast and really fulfilling! I couldn't believe it! 

With this, I just want to thank the people behind my success for they have rendered extra effort and guidance for me to be on the place where I am standing right now.

My success will not be possible without their help...

To Teach-USA - thank you so much for creating this Teach-USA because we have given an opportunity to reach our dreams in USA. 

My million thanks will not be enough for touching my life and for shaping my future through your agency. 

Tatanawin kong malaking utang na loob ang pagtulong niyo sa akin.

Salamat! Salamat! Salamat! 

-Written by Thirdy.


  1. Thanks for such and inspiring story! Godspeed,sir!

  2. Sad reality, some Pinoys are not willing to share kung paano sila naka punta sa US. Fb page like Teach USA gives guidance to the aspiring teachers. Kudos

  3. Congrats to you Sir and to Teach-usa for being by the applicant's side..Great job!


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