Realities of the J1 Visa


J1 VISA is not a WORK VISA, it is a cultural exchange program visa.


1. It is good for 3 years (as long as your host school is willing to renew your contract).

2. It can be extended for 2 more years. (Total: 5 years) 

3. There is a 2-year home requirement (meaning you have to go back to the Philippines and share what you've learned, after 2 years you can apply for J1 visa again or change visas)

4. The 2-year home requirement can be waived too. Related post:

What will happen next (with the 2-year home requirement waived)?

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1. Your school district can OPT to sponsor H1b visa for you (working visa) or can opt to sponsor green card for you.

2. Your school district can also NOT do both, so you move on to other districts who could and would.... and try and try and try.

3. If there is NONE who would, you go back home to your home country. If you have SAVED money (then at the very least you have a million pesos in your bank - and start anew in the Philippines and then apply again)!


  1. I want to apply here a reason to expand and improve my teaching skills

  2. I want to apply to meet new cultures, improve my teaching skills, and earn.

  3. I am honored to apply, it is my greatest dream first to go to your place and explore, and i want to inspire every learners that how significant life is so that we need to learn and be focus on our goal. And i wanted to share my culture here in the philippines. Thank u


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