Regulations Governing the J1 Visa Program


Are there regulations which govern the Exchange Visitor Program?

Yes, the regulations are set forth at Code of Federal Regulations, Title 22: Foreign Relations, Part 62. Click here.

What does it mean?

It means that the J1 Visa Program is under Federal Law and participants are to abide by the regulations set forth for the program.

Are there any regulations about the J1 visa program fees or payments charged by third-party agents or sponsors?

No. New Mexico, per se, only requires that fees charged must be reasonable. 

Teach-USA recommends that applicants do their due diligence before signing agreements/contracts. Reading the fine lines is better than being sorry in the end. This post may help:

Teach-USA also suggests that applicants not rush into the opportunity and make decisions wisely. Paying agents/sponsors "an arm and a leg" IS NOT worth it unless you are OK with it. 

Have any J1 visa teachers attempted to change the system/program/regulations through any means possible? 


What were the results? Here's the latest.

What does it mean?

It means -it is what it is- until Federal Laws about the Exchange Cultural Program are amended or changed.

That includes:

- Duration of Stay - up to three years.

- Program Extensions - one to two years.

- Home Requirement - two years.

- Cross-Cultural Activity Component

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