Pictures Pictures!

By this time, we learned our assignments, we were attending schools, befriended our colleagues, in the process of adjusting to school rules and regulations, the educational system, language and most especially, our students!

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to tell stories, as I would have wanted, because of some privacy issues. 

The thing was, coming from the "3rd world", and then teaching the "1st world", was both an opportunity and a blessing.

We all have our own set of values and character, and it was all up to us, to instill, to empower and to change whatever we can. Either we were able to enculturate or we were enculturated.

The good thing about our group was that we were able to keep our purpose and our goal: to bring our families here and to do our jobs well so "Filipino Teachers" are spoken well of. 

What inspired us and allowed us to survive our first year were weekends, holidays and long breaks!

We traveled galore! We took pictures! We survived!

Thanks to all the Filipinos of New Orleans, Louisiana (and its neighboring cities) for their hospitality, generosity and love.

They fed us, clothed us, toured us around and most especially they made us part of their families!

We would not have pulled it through without YOU.

We are forever grateful!


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  1. Nice blog but why the photos are so small?

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. I enjoyed viewing your photos! LikE! - Olive


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