Recruitment/Placement Fees

TEACH-USA: A Bridge to Your Dreams

"Are you still recruiting teachers?"
"Am I"? Technically, I do not own a school so I do not "recruit" teachers to teach for me, however, we do have an employment facilitation agency, Teach-USA, where we "recruit" teachers to seek our services so we can bring out the best in them, and in doing so, allow them to be employable anywhere in the world.

Forever In Our Hearts #Weeklies

Week 49/52 #Weeklies

Mommy, it has been a year without you... and oh, happy first year in heaven!

Yes, everyone came to celebrate your life! And on the last day of your wake,  just like how you wanted no drama, we were all laughing as we remembered the funny moments we had with you.

What was amazing was when we finally laid you to rest six feet under, I took this photo when they released the balloons, it was sideways when I took it. When Archie turned the photo around, we saw this!

Game Changer #Weeklies

Week 45/52 #Weeklies

One agency in the Philippines paved the way for my American dream.

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