I moved to Las Vegas at the beginning of the school year this year. Although there was much resistance in my heart, I followed God's promptings.

I serve two schools, and I like the variety - like a perfect match, I fell in love right away with my work, the people I work with, and the happy "sweat" of Nevada heat. 

Before my third month, one of the schools "bought" me. From today on, I will be working with only ONE school! Yey!

But that's not the story.

The story is I am trying to buy a second home here in Vegas. And while we are so close to the closing stage, more and more delays and hindrances got in the way.

While I was very eager to make it happen, I'd forgotten my purpose.

Yes, it's easy to fall in love with acquiring material things to better my life. But no goals, plans, or dreams will happen until a change of heart occurs - a heart with complete delight in God. 

Mommy would ban us from sharing our goals and dreams with anyone. This year, I defied it.

I always thought - because people might jinx it or their negativities might pull it away from us - but today, I realize there was much more to it.

When we value our dreams so much, we undergo an overhaul of our relationship with God, and that's a personal sacred process (not for anyone's fancy or business).

The process might take time, but like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, may we all find ourselves awake in the beauty of God - dreams fulfilled or not.

Recruitment/Placement Fees

TEACH-USA: A Bridge to Your Dreams

"Are you still recruiting teachers?"
"Am I"? Technically, I do not own a school so I do not "recruit" teachers to teach for me, however, we do have an employment facilitation agency, Teach-USA, where we "recruit" teachers to seek our services so we can bring out the best in them, and in doing so, allow them to be employable anywhere in the world.

Forever In Our Hearts #Weeklies

Week 49/52 #Weeklies

Mommy, it has been a year without you... and oh, happy first year in heaven!

Yes, everyone came to celebrate your life! And on the last day of your wake,  just like how you wanted no drama, we were all laughing as we remembered the funny moments we had with you.

What was amazing was when we finally laid you to rest six feet under, I took this photo when they released the balloons, it was sideways when I took it. When Archie turned the photo around, we saw this!