In Memory of Teacher Eugene

In memory of Eugene Garcia: (she was) a Teach-USA applicant. May she rest in peace.



Teaching is my greatest passion in life. I really love to teach children with a heart. In fact, I have served the Dep Ed Philippines for almost 22 years. In that long service I have rendered, I received lots of accomplishments and awards regarding teaching and thus made me promoted gradually and now became a Master Teacher II here in the Philippines. And just recently, this time of pandemic, I was awarded as Huwarang Guro in the District of San Manuel, Tarlac. An award that is a result of dedication, compassion hard work and love for teaching.

But despite of these achievements, despite of these awards, despite of the services I have rendered, still people mocked me, people don’t believe in me, people despise on me, some people would belittle me because I do not have the guts, I do not have the power, I do not have the money and fame that others had. It seems that there are people who don’t appreciate me because I am just a poor teacher. Knowing the Filipino mentality sometimes, to them, money is power. To them money makes fame. No matter how good we are, no matter how intelligent we are, if we do not have money, then everything seems nothing and useless.

I felt so discouraged, and told myself, I have done my very best but still, there are some who don’t appreciate me, there are some who can’t see the value in me. I got frustrated until such time when I cried in tears in prayer, the LORD God spoke to me, and said “rise up and go to a place that I promised you to go. A place where you can find yourself, a place where you can be appreciated, a place that will suffice your lacking in life. A place where they can see your value. A place where you are destined to go to.

If God is calling me to a certain place where I can live, learn and share my profession. Then I will not hesitate to follow. I know that the All knowing God has a better plan for me. Plan to prosper me and not to harm me as indicated in Jeremiah 29:11. I always beg and pray in tears to God to change my life for the better.

So after praying, it came to my mind about my application for teacher in the U.S before, Maybe. It’s Gods perfect time for me to pursue my greatest dream in life. And that is to become a teacher in the U.S. and this will come into a reality by God’s grace and favor and with the help of Teach USA.

Here was our last conversation - a few days before she passed on.

We want to live our lives not seeking money and all the material things this world can give. Instead, let's all seek God and His purpose in our lives. And if it means a little sacrifice to be away from your family for a little while, moving out of your comfort zone to prepare for the tasks ahead, and trusting God and the process more, then so be it.

Eugene is a good, passionate, and admirable teacher. We are blessed to have been a part of her short but exciting preparation to her US adventure!

May she Rest In Peace.

Teach in the US? But, Why?


I have a friend who does NOT want to teach in the US.

And no matter what motivation I try to do, it doesn't push her.


I can only think of two things:

First, she's happy and has accepted her life as it is.

Second, she sees no reason to teach in the US. 

Will teaching in the US ever happen to her? Probably not. 

Will her decision change over time? Probably yes, with deep-seated reason. 

Motivation is mental. Your enthusiasm will run out quickly once you get on the challenge and discover the realities of teaching in the US. 

Even if you were easily offered a job, it would be a different story when you are already in the US - teaching.

Yes, earning dollars is an excellent motivation, but you will sometimes need more than that.

And that's the reality.

Transferring to Another School Under J1 Visa


Are you thinking of transferring to another school district in another state?

Here are some guidelines to help you in your decision-making:

  1. Find your valid reason. There must be something that the school district can do to help you in your situation. For example, if you are having difficulty adjusting to teaching middle school students, transfer within schools could be possible. If you need more training to adapt well to US Education, I'm pretty sure the school district would be able to find you a mentor or schedule professional development training for you. But, if you have more grave reasons, then read on.
  2. Email your sponsor about your situation. Your sponsor is your first and final resort. Unfortunately, you cannot change sponsors within your J1 visa program. However, you can end your program anytime, go home, and start over with another sponsor. Before you can transfer to another state, your sponsor has to give you approval and paperwork to legalize your transfer. You will also have to pay for the transfer process. 

Other Tips for Easy Transfer:

  1. Before securing another job elsewhere, be sure that the sponsor already has presence in that state or a partnership with the school district. 
  2. When you have secured a job offer from that state, please ask your sponsor if they can process and do so immediately. 


  1. Resign and not inform your sponsor about your plans. Your sponsor will report you to the US Department of State, and you don't want to risk your legal presence in the US.
  2. Before the end of the school year, your school district will ask you to sign a contract or intent to stay for the next school year - you do have the prerogative not to sign the contract, but please inform your sponsor about your next plans.

Based on prior cases/experiences:

  1. The teacher got approval to transfer because the school district did not renew the teacher's contract for the next school year.
  2. The teacher got approval to transfer because employment is at will - and you do have the right but within bounds of the program.
  3. The teacher got approval to transfer because the school district and the teacher couldn't meet halfway.


Before sending your questions in the comments section below, please consider the following information first:


1.Initial Requirements:

You don’t have to submit any of the requirements yet, as long as you can provide the documents needed, you should be good.

2.Do you have questions? Read before deciding to join Teach-USA:

Feel free to check the Teach-USA initial requirements, services, about page too.

3.Are you eligible? 

If you are then I want to introduce our Teach-USA programs.

You have two options:

  1. Join the J1 Visa Route 
  2. Join the H1B Visa Route

Please check this link to know the difference: 


Feel free to check out the link based on your chosen route. The link has the instructions to join Teach-USA.

Are you ready to join us?

Please follow the instructions at the link.

To join the J1 visa option, go to and follow the instructions found at the How-to-Apply page.

To join the H1b possibility program, go to

Making the Most of Your Two-Year Home Requirement

They say, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

And why not?

You may not deserve the lemons, but you know that anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger, better, and wiser! Plus, the lemonade is heart!

Sharing some Q&A that may ignite a light and fire within you! 

Question #1: Is it OK not to teach again during my two-year home requirement? 

Answer: YES. Basis:

Question #2: What Will I Do? How Will I Make the Most of My Two-Year Home Requirement?


Teach again!

Generously share your US experience to your former school

Share your insights and learning to different schools and universities

Enjoy your money!

Start a business

Help in your family business

Write a book

Start a podcast

Visit the sick, old, and dying

Rebuild your relationships with family, relatives, and friends

Plant a tree/Garden

Shop galore!

Renovate your house

Sell the US stuffs you acquired through the years

Volunteer in schools

Volunteer in the orphanage

Be of service to non-profit organizations

Help your barangay

Travel within the Philippines

Travel outside the Philippines - but be wary of the number of days/weeks/months you are out because it will count against your two-year home requirement.

And more!

And then, you will realize the two years have passed you by that quickly!

Question #3: When can I start applying with J1 visa again?

Answer: Around 2-3 months before the end of your two-year home requirement. 

Question #4: When can I start applying with H1B visa again?

Answer: Around 6-8 months before the end of your two-year home requirement. 

Your Options to your next J1 stint or H1b visa opportunity:

1. Do-It-Yourself
2. Apply with POEA-licensed agencies in the Philippines
3. Apply with other third-party agencies in the US
4. Apply with Teach-USA


Applying for a J1 Waiver with CFO-NOS


Let's make it clear:

The J1 visa program is only for three years plus a possible two years extension.

When you sign up with a J1 visa sponsor, you also agree to the following statements:

No change of visa status:

  • I intend to enter the U.S. for the J1 cultural exchange program only.
  • I will not seek to change my visa or apply for work visas.
  • I do not intend to abandon my permanent residence and/or citizenship in another country.

If you'd rather wait for the right time, I highly suggest you do it and aim for the H1b visa instead. It might take time, but you will reap the fruits in the long run. Read to learn more:

But life does happen.

So, a J1 waiver is possible if you want to stay in the U.S. for good.


Read more here:

BIG QUESTION: When is the best time to apply for a waiver? 

ANSWER: After the approval of your extension (4th year). Otherwise, your J1 visa sponsor will disapprove of your request for an extension because that is part of the agreement you signed up - from the very beginning. 

CFO No Objection Statement UPDATES:

  1. The application process is now open with the CFO -
  2. Is the approval guaranteed? No. 
  3. Will payment of fees and submission of documents guarantee approval? No.
  4. Will my documents be reviewed for consideration? Yes.

SHOULD YOU TAKE THE RISK AND APPLY? With a meritorious project/proposal, go for it! Otherwise, two years in the Philippines isn't bad, if you prepared for it, right?


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