English Proficiency Tests - FREE!

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US Visa Sponsors require a Certification of Recognized English Test.

There are different Recognized English test, such as:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT (TOEFL iBT or TOEFL iBT Home Edition): minimum required test scores for each section are: Reading – 18 Listening – 17 Speaking – 20 Writing - 17
Cambridge English Assessment (CEA): Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR): scale test result of B2 or higher
EF Standard English Test (50-mn version): result of B2 or higher COMBINED with ITEP conversation test
EF Standard English Test (50-mn version): result of B2 or higher COMBINED with IH English Language Level Test (score: Mid Intermediate, B1.2 or higher)
ACTFL: Intermediate High or higher
- Other recognized English language test (If not listed above, please contact me to confirm if Intrax can accept it).

The BEST ones are the FREE ones! 

EF Standard English Test (50-mn version): result of B2 or higher 
IH English Language Level Test (score: Mid Intermediate, B1.2 or higher)

TAKE the two FREE Standardized English Online Tests. 
Take they are still FREE! And add it to your portfolio.

Please be sure to take the 50 minute test. If you don't pass the first time, you can retake in three (3) months.

No retakes. Download your certificate by checking your email.

Good luck!

13 Tips to Survive Pinas to US Change


1. Prepare sa pag baligtad ng mundo nyo... umaga dito gabi sa pinas...

2. Dati kasama mo family mo, asawa at anak mo or parents mo sa pag baligtad ng mundo mo.. mga teachers na kasama mo... instant friends instant knowing mo na sila agad agad...

3. Parang kasal lang na maramihan, adjustments are needed to live happily ever after... so if need mo to be organized do so nakakahiya maging burara... if need mo to be quiet kasi may tulog do so, if need mo to be helpful do so, if need mo to be a team player and do your assignments - wash dishes, cook food, (yes, take turns, nakakahiya naman wala naman katulong dito)...

4. If dati mababait students mo, sorry po, now e, swerte na mababait students mo, majority kasi pasaway... as in pasaway... either sagutin ka ng pabalang o tulugan ka... mmmm, so adjust adjust tlga para pakinggan ka at pansinin ang turo mo... otherwise, papasok ang principal mo at titingnan if totoo nga ang husay mo sa interview :)

5. If dati pulos pinoy teachers kasama mo sa school... now depends if may co-pinoy teacher ka.. na tutulungan ka ba or ipuput down capabilities mo? mmm... so adjust adjust sa pakikitungo sa iba lahi...

6. Always Cover your A** yan palagi sa SPED... lahat dapat documented!!!! So if dati dati lesson plans lang, now need mo folders ng case load mo, lahat documented - ano ginawa mo, ano ginawa nila... lahat lahat.. para if ipatawag ka principal o parents - you have proof of your work!

7. IEP.. marunong ka ba gumawa nito??? sure?!!! kasi if SPED teacher ka dapat alam mo ito at least... iba iba computer applications ang gamit sa pag gawa ng IEP.. importante alam mo content... at syempre be resourceful para malaman mo all about your student.

8. If dati pulos Tagalog ka o Bisaya.. now pulos English na.. hihi nosebleed...

9. Madami umiyak... so get ready.. pede naman umiyak (not sa harap students please!)... give yourself an hour sa banyo sa apartment hihi.. reflect, pray, try another strategy... then the next day iyak ka ulit.. hihi... dollars naman katumbas :) $1 = Php 55.00?? :)

So sa pasaway students, dollar sign nalang tingin mo hihi... you can always take it from another positive point of view... YOU will never know how strong you are until you are faced with challenging students... tingnan mo kaya mo yan! Cheers to you growing more as you go outside of your box!

But if di tlaga kaya... urong na agad please... sayang time, money and effort kasi.

10. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS... if I were you best kayo kayo nalang... madami pinoys.. but you won’t know who’s really for you or against you.. so best to be in a group na kilala nyo na.

Less talk.. less mistake.. less kaaway hihi.. not worth it ang madami CHIKA sa life on earth... sayang ang energy.. sa positive nalang.. sa work nalang... sa good friends nalang.

11. Preserve your SELF-WORTH, you are capable... you are worthy and you can do it!!! mag ad-adjust ka syempre.. give yourself one month to adjust and that's it.. be FAST learner if you have to... and do not be know-it-all... you are with your co-apartment mates, your school and district for a purpose--- so LEARN from each other!!!

12. Trust your instincts... keep yourself in prayer... and I am sure God will guide you to all your life changing moments. Keep the faith... but sa pag baligtad ng mundo mo.. mababago tlaga ang mundo mo. Exciting... but really challenging to some... but it’s still all in the mind.


Please feel free to share more TIPS in the comment section below.

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