While waiting...

To those who have followed my journey here in the US, here’s the latest…

But, let’s go back to the memory lane first...

It was last July, 2007 when I received a text message from Pars International about the work opportunity here in the US. That week, my father and I drove to Manila, had my interview at midnight, and back home at around 3am.

Excited and hopeful, two days after I received another text message saying I passed the interview and papers will then be processed. Thus, I needed to pay a certain amount as soon as possible (ASAP). 

It all happened very soon indeed, since by September of that year, I set my feet in the land of milk and honey! 

It felt too easy recalling the events, but in between the paying of the fees and waiting for the results, it was scary! I was anxious, fearful and worried!!!  It was a lot of money that I gambled, and a denial was unthinkable!!!

With the grace of God, it happened.

Now, I am at the end of my contract as an H1b contract worker. Time seemed to have passed by so quickly, since I am already on my 6th year!!!

It was a real blessing to be living together as a family for the first time after 7 years of marriage. (My husband worked as a seaman prior to joining me here, so he'd mostly be away.)

At my 4th year here, we moved from New Orleans to a simple, small and quiet town of New Mexico, and my written dream to live in the mountains came true!

My fear of having children, who will grow up disrespectful and all my bad perception of kids who grew up here, changed, when we moved in this part of the state.

All’s good now.

Yes, my husband sacrificed his time and ways since he wasn’t allowed to work as an H4 visa holder... still, we have really adjusted well.

The latest? we are in the waiting game again. Waiting to make all these permanent.

Breathing positivity now... 

Breathe with me...


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