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Oh, I almost forgot about this. It was my 2nd year teaching in a district in New Orleans, this time, I was assigned to an alternative middle school setting, where over-aged students were placed, aka, worst of all!

I was the only Filipino teacher in that school, but the presence of able-bodied man, I forgot their titles but they were certified to restrain students, made me safe. There wasn’t one time when students will not have any behavior issues… it was every day, every time behavior problems. One will not be able to teach AT ALL, unless you address the behavior first.

There was this one Asian teacher who was part of Teach for America. She was my general education partner in Math. She looked like she just graduated from college but she was sooo good!

The first day of school, she set expectations.  She made sure students were listening to her and everybody was in the same boat as her. I've seen how students bowed down and listened to her instruction and discussion. Of course, it was a successful strategy to feed the students after every activity and she did too! The students love her!

As all good things, it did come to an end, because she needed to resign and go back to California for some medical treatments I believe. I've seen how students missed her but it was as if they were used to people leaving them...maybe, one of the reasons why they behave the way they do was to cover up what they really feel within... it would take time to give their trust and respect, and when they did, people leave them, it was a sad thing to see. 

Well, I just felt like reminiscing good ol’ New Orleans days and how teachers really need to give their best shot especially during the first week of school. We just had to make a difference somehow, that's what teachers do.

We had difficult kids that year, but we managed. It was a lot of work, but nobody did say it was easy. In the end, we've all learned a lot from each other, and that was the good thing.


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