Mother's Day in 2008

Remember my story about my very first mother's day here in the USA last May of 2008?

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I suddenly have an urge to reblog it here, so I will.


Dressed in white polo, black pants and black shoes we hurried towards the private-members-only-club site .. It was my first time to be there!.. nope we didn’t use the front entrance nor the elevator.. we went directly to the back door.. down to the kitchen up to the reception hall.. we put on the black blazer with matching black ribbon around the neck.

I had fun! The guests were mostly Caucasians, probably the rich and famous of Louisiana, they were dressed elegantly! I enjoyed watching how they stepped out of their expensive cars! (seemed expensive by the look of it!, though I am not really into car brands and models.. hehe, should I be car-conscious already??? … hehe) 

I enjoyed giving mothers and grandmothers long-stemmed rose wrapped in rose-petals-drawn-paper as they entered the hall. I couldn’t help but remember the movie “My Best friend’s Wedding”, not about the storyline, but how the characters were all so well dressed in that movie! I was amused by the grandfathers, fathers, daughters, sons and grandchildren who were with them, as they carried gifts in paper bags. 

Felt like I was part of the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” as they were pictured in the magazines! 

I almost forgot why I was there! Would have wanted to be wearing my sunday’s best too, be with my family and celebrate in a place just like that! hehe, wish wish! 

In reality I was there to make someone else’s Mother’s day celebration delightful and happy… yep! so, seeing the waitresses ran around, I guessed I needed to move on and help them already!.. So, I briskly walked to my room, only to be stopped by one of the servers in the buffet menu, he smiled at me and said “You look beautiful”.. hahaha haha haha, Oh, I didn’t laugh! I smiled and politely said “Thank you!”.. That made my day! hahaha haha haha 

Actually, not that! but the $$$.$$ check I received after enjoying getting all the plates, spoons, forks and glasses, carrying the whole tray, throwing the leftovers in the garbage bin and stashing all the others in the counter. 

It had been 5 hours of work and it was worth that! Back in the Philippines, it would take me 15 days to be able to get a check for that amount! Unfair?? hehe 

At 6 pm, after sleeping for one hour and a half – tired! yes!, I hurriedly dressed again in blue pants, blue t-shirt and blue rubber shoes and briskly walked to church. Before the mass ended, the priest blessed all the moms and we were given carnation flowers to bring home. Nice. 

Now how do I end this? 

Dressed in blue jogging pants, gray tshirt and bare feet, I am now ready to go to sleep. Thankful for today. Mother’s day. Thankful for my mother for loving me unconditionally. For her care and guidance. For her unending support and prayers, and especially for allowing me to create my own life story, where all things are possible, where all my dreams can come true… by just going within. I am grateful :) 

P.S. The “You are beautiful…” doesn’t hurt either hahaha hahaha. 


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