"A house with centralized AC!" #Weeklies

Week 1/52 #Weeklies

"A house with centralized AC!" One day, I'll live in a house with centralized air conditioning! I told my mom one crazy hot summer back in my high school years.

At the back of my mind, I knew it was a crazy dream, how will it ever happen?! I didn't know... and yet somehow, like magic, it came true!

I had forgotten about this simple AC story. I had even pictured the house. It was blurry who I was with, I think I had not gone into details. All I now remember was I want it to be centralized so I won't be sweaty all the time!

The great thing about mom is that she doesn't negate whatever crazy, funny idea I have. She just listens and she just allows my mind to wander to things I want.

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge", sometimes, we don't even have to know how some things will come about. It will come about, in God's time. It will come about if it's really meant to be. It will come about just because, no ifs, no buts.

Let's both hold on to our dreams! My dream makes me smile everyday, I had mine stamped in my heart knowing it will happen soon!

I hope your dream, no matter how big or small it is, makes you see rainbows in the skies, makes your heart beat run faster, makes you feel good all day, because, just like me, you know.. you just know great things are about to come! soon! #let's hold on to that!


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