The Space Shuttle Ride! #Weeklies

Week 3/52 #Weeklies

To each his own, but if there is one thing I’d like to #pushmore it is knowing that my dreams will come true even if I don’t know how, yet.

You see... I have sweaty palms in high school. Thus, I shied away from holding hands – with girlfriends and especially boys! Even the thought of 'holding hands' activity in class would make me sweat some more! Yikes!

So there was this one time when my friends and I went to Enchanted Kingdom to enjoy the night together. We were all enthused by the crowd, the colors, the sugar candies, the balloons, and the magic of the night!

We were so excited we all lined up to ride in one of their extreme thrill rides.

The operator asked us to line up in pairs. Unfortunately, we were odd in numbers. I was slow to find out, and before I did, my two crazy friends pushed me to pair up with the other guy already seated in one of the seats alone.

Everyone was laughing because there was no way I could decline anymore since the operator closed the gate for that batch already.

Oh my, so I obliged and as I was securing the handle, I felt the shuttle move! In no time, we were brought up and I was shouting so loud and I just grabbed the hands of the guy beside me to hold on to life! As we went up and down and up again, we were holding hands! The only time we let go of each other’s hands was when it ended. He was like, were you on your own because I could join you. I was like, no, no, no, I have friends with me.

It was a crazy night, my friends all laughed at what happened especially at the “holding hands” incident.

What’s the point here? You know what, I’m not sure...

But sometimes, life will just throw us into events and circumstances that will eventually lead to achieving our dreams and goals... and just like the space shuttle incident, someone will just be willing to hold your hand as you go through exhilaration, craziness, and bliss! While deep inside you know you are taken care of.

When the timing is right, everything will just fall into place.

We just have to hold on to our dreams even if we don’t know how it will happen, yet, because you want it and you deserve it.

Believe it!


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  2. Thank you Blogs Ng Pinoy! I truly appreciate it!

  3. great a\information and this realy and amzing blog ! nice one.

  4. Sometimes, we have to hold on for our dreams and wait for a long time? But this notion is not applicable for some people because they made it on their ways.

  5. Maybe its Serendipity.. but nah! hahahah!
    I think that maybe its your nerves or melatonin that you were sweaty palms back then..
    Hope that you had effectively remove it because otherwise it will be very awkward.

  6. Nakakabitin! What happened with the guy? Did you two become friends?! Hahahaha.. I'm sorry, I just find the story really cute. I haven't taken a thrill ride with a stranger so I think your experience is interesting.

  7. The Space Shuttle at EK is really a thrill to ride. I like how you compare the incident with what we experience in life.

  8. I love this phrase "When the timing is right, everything will just fall into place". It's true as for my experience, what ever dream you had aspire for will just turn to reality on it's right time.

  9. Sa cute naman ng 'holding hands' story mo. I guess, the old adage that says, "expect the unexpected" came into reality that day. Anop feeling to hold hands with someone you have met for the first time?

  10. I couldnt agree more with when timing is right, then it all just falls into place. Sometimes we are thrown into things and we struggle and we force things to happen but timing is not right. Then one day, it just falls into place and you know... that's where you are supposed to be.

  11. That could be a start of a nice romantic story. I like the part were people come in to hold on to your hands along the crazy ride ahead.

  12. Haha super nagenjoy ako sa holding hands. These 'feel good' moments im sure you'll treasure always :)


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