Opening doors and windows #Weeklies

Week 14/52 #Weeklies

An acquaintance shared about how my other friends were laughing at all the extra activities I do.

It seems that deep down; I just attract opportunities and accept them with open arms. Even without prior processing or goal deliberation, I’d just jump and join the bandwagon. But, just like an onion plant, I’d be old in nine weeks and would be looking for something else to do. I've yet to master the art of patience.

The thing with life is that it will continue to teach us lessons, and until we learn the lessons, life will continue to throw us “opportunities” to embrace.

I’ve yet to live a life I want, and I am sure it is the reason why I smile at every opportunity that knocks on my door.

One day soon, friends will not be “laughing” at what I do anymore but seeing my results, I hope they’d say, “Tell me your story…”


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