Thoughts spilled! #Weeklies

Week 17/52 #Weeklies

When I mentioned to Dennis that we will simply order beef kaldereta from an acquaintance and that we will pick it up, our major thought bubble was suddenly about the kaldereta spilling in the car! 

I knew he was thinking about it because he suddenly suggested on what to put under to keep it from spilling. My mind was busy on other things that I didn’t really put my mind into it. 

When the day came for me to pick up it up. I got into the car, and half a mile from the house I suddenly remembered I didn’t bring anything to keep it from spilling. Still, my major thought was: It will spill!

I asked for a box from the one who cooked and provided it! Thank God!   

I was really careful driving until I hit the brake. There was plenty of room for those two boxes with a tray of kaldereta to move around… and guess what?! At the stop sign, I had to put on parking, jump at the back because the tray dropped and spilled! The major thought happened!!! It spilled!!!

The same reason why we should be very careful about our thoughts because just like any law in the universe it will happen!

The week after, I was in the parking lot. While looking at my phone messages in my car, I heard this old man say loudly, “God I hate this shit!” His phone just rang and he had to put all the things he was carrying. He spoke to the person on the other line and after he hangs up. He continued his chant…” God, I hate this shit… God, I hate this shit…” Every two seconds he was saying those words until he was able to enter his car. For sure he was murmuring those words until he got home!

You see, I have to share these stories because strange but true, our thoughts become things!

Who will ever think that I can make the beef kaldereta spill, just as imagined?
 At a single thought, it happened just as it’s supposed to happen – because I imagined it happening, I thought about it happening and I never took action to prevent it from happening and so it came about.

The same way, I wonder no more that this man hates everything that is happening to him because of his mantra. He was even speaking aloud his thoughts! Over and over!

We do have some control over the things that we want to happen. As we sift our thoughts, align it to our goals and as we take action, we can make things happen. 

Our thoughts have power. Real power.

I don’t know about you but I am ready for my next beautiful thought, happy unspilled kaldereta. Lol. 

... And oh yes, next time I’ll listen to Dennis' thoughts. It matters especially when he refused to clean the car because it was my fault! 

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