I'm OK #Weeklies

Week 21/52 #Weeklies

I attended a leadership training before and one of the activities allowed us to identify our smokescreens and blinders. I forgot how it was processed but I specifically remembered going in front of the room and told everybody that mine was… I’m OK. Everything’s OK.

I know everything is just a mindset, and thinking I’m OK, really made me and things OK. But sometimes, I tend to mask it – and it’s not OK.

Smokescreens and blinders keep us from seeing the truth about us. As life unfolds, so are the masks that we are trying to hide, and awareness is the key.

I’m not OK and it’s OK.
It is OK to not be OK to allow time to heal all wounds.
It’s OK to not be OK to decide on a better path of healing.
It’s OK to not be OK to reflect, learn and move on.
Most especially, it’s OK to not be OK to see things from a different light.

I’m OK. I’m not OK. It’s OK!

As long as we go through the phase a better person, as long as we didn’t make a mountain of the molehill, as long as we controlled our emotions and not made matters worse. But, guess what?  if we did too, it’s OK too. Lessons will be learned, in due time.

And in due time, everything will be OK again. 

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