On Life's Lessons #Weeklies

Week 20/52 #Weeklies

A friend told me his husband doesn't want to join any religious groups because they do not "walk the talk". I told her, well, no one's perfect. 

If joining religious groups will lead them closer to God, why not?, right? We are all on our path and journey, and judging religious groups because of hearsay, then I think there's more to learn.

But, even people who judge are on the same journey too. That's what's interesting and fun about our life here on earth, everybody knows too much. We are all entitled to our opinions, evaluations, and responses. We all think we're correct. Lol. That I think is the fun part.

Because it is all relative. All relative to one's prior experiences, knowledge and where they are on the path.

We all are God's instruments so each one of us will come to our senses.  

Maybe, the same reason why people come and go in our lives is because they have something to teach us.... and until we learn the lesson, we will continue to encounter the same teaching from a different person, status, place and event. 

When we finally learn the lesson, we will move on and I am sure somebody will shake our minds again to teach us the next lesson.

Fun, fun, fun!



  1. Everybody comes in our life for a reason. They help make up who we are because of their influence.

  2. I believe that people we meet are meant for something. I agree with you, their purpose might be to each us a lesson or we will be the one to inspire them. I just welcome any opportunity to the taught or to help others see the brighter side of life :)

  3. I believe that we need pursue the right way even if others do not. It is possible that we will end up disappointed if our actions would depend on others' actions.


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