On Hotels and Travels #Weeklies

Week 25/52 #Weeklies

Part of my job running two years now is to visit schools in the state of New Mexico, USA. Needless to say, I travel to wherever schools I am assigned to wherever it is in the state

Raton, NM

The best thing about it is I get to see different places, different schools, different classroom settings, and different teaching styles. I get to meet different people and help schools with the program. 

Also, I get to sleep on different hotel beds for 1-3 days and drive different state cars. 

It is exciting and a job I am privileged to have. It is also a nice time out I must say.

But it can also be lonely and tiring.  

At the end of the day, there's really nowhere I'd rather go, but in the four walls of the hotel room. And there is no one in the room but the TV. Hotels are nice and clean, but nothing will beat the noise of family, in the comforts of your own home. 

But work is work. I am grateful and happy I get to be part of NM school's embrace to change.

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