Why I Don't Watch News #Weeklies

Week 30/52 #Weeklies

Call me weird... why?

First, I use the quiet train.

My co-worker said another acquaintance is looking for me on the train and she can’t find me! I told her I use the quiet train. Another co-worker said so you’re anti-social now. I said no, I just prefer to sleep than listen to complaints, politics, hearsays, and gossips of the day. They all agreed with me.

Second, I listen to Christian music in the car.

Our radio in the car is set to Positive and Encouraging K-Love Radio. We are all used to listening to contemporary Christian music that even at night my kids listen to it to lull them to sleep.

Third, I don't watch the news or read the newspaper!

Yup. I opted not to subscribe to any channels in the television or media print. We do have Netflix. We get to choose what we want to watch based on the ratings and excerpts of the movie.

Why I do this? Well, because I have a choice.

There is just too much pollution in the world already.  Yes, I can choose to pollute my mind with all the negative blahs of the news, and contrary blahs of the newspaper, but I prefer not.

Not that I do not care about what’s happening because believe me, news spread! I’ll still know what’s happening in our country and here, but not every little detail about it.  If I am really curious then I just look it up online, read some about it and put it in the trash area of my mind.


We only have one mind. We just have one life. We can only fill our minds either with positive stuff or negative stuff. If we fill our minds with all the positives, we get positive results. If we fill our minds with negatives, we get negative results. If we fill our minds with negatives and positives?... Yup, we still get negative results. Simple. Right?

I would instead think of my dreams and my goals. I would instead think of how I can better myself. 
I would think about what's healthy to eat, what an excellent book to read, what stories to write, what inspirational music to listen to, what photos to like, and how I can be of better service to people rather than fill my mind with all the issues of this world or add up to the negativity. 

So, am I weird? Maybe, but I'd rather be weird anytime.


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