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What Is Your Biggest WHY? #Weeklies

Week 38/52 #Weeklies

Today marks my 10th year here in the US. Yes, time flies! 

Ten years ago it was just a dream. Up to now, I am still amazed by the transitions, changes, and everything in between those ten years! I only have gratefulness to God for allowing me to experience life as it is.

My stories are ordinary to some, but to me, there is always something extraordinary hidden within the simplicity. I always tell myself, if I can inspire one, then I am okay. It is still a ripple for good.
On the initial requirements page at Teach-USA, I encourage teachers who dream of teaching in the US to ask themselves why they want to do it, why school districts in the US will hire them, and most importantly, what is their most significant why you want to leave our country?

Because it all starts with why. What is your WHY?

I believe, there are only two things that could happen if you know your "why." 

First, you will act on it and be responsible for it. 
Second, you become its victim.

Dennis, my husband, works as a seaman when I met him. I told him, I do not want a seaman because my father worked as an Overseas Contract Worker too and yes, he provided for the family but time was taken away from us to be with him while growing up. But love won, so I married him. 

Two years after, we had Mymy. Dennis was not there when Mymy was born. 

When Dennis came home after 9 months, Mymy shooed him away. Typical, right? She did not know him. 

After four years, we had Mimoi. That was my eye opener and my biggest why. We have two kids, and they did not have a father who was "physically" with them (at least for 9 months a year).

I thank God for my father and brothers for being there and being my kids’ father-figure. But it still would not suffice. Why? Because I was also without a husband for 9 months. 

Friends this was my story. You may have a similar story, and you have a different way of looking at the situation. But you see, "To each his own." 

That was my biggest why.

Now, either I act on it responsibly or talk about my story over, and over, and over, and not do anything about it like a victim.

I, being me, chose the other route. I decided to act responsibly. I chose to dream!

When I did that, events led to its fulfillment, like magic! 

Magic because when I focused on my "why" the "how" showed itself. I took the plunge, I went with the flow, and I allowed God to lead me to where He wants me to go. 

We are always at His mercy and grace. 

I urge Teach-USA applicants to continue to pray about your calling. If God is leading you to try our agency to help you, then trust Him. If not, then trust Him.

But, as soon as you know your "why" please choose #1, #2 will lead you nowhere.

To my fellow co-teachers who were with me that blessed Sept. 21, 2007. Cheers to 10 years!

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