Happy 1st Teach-USA! #Weeklies

Week 43/52 #Weeklies

While talking to Shalom about anything and everything under the sun, out of the blue, she said that if there’s one thing I should do, it would be to open a placement agency to help teachers teach in the US. Although I welcomed the thought with an open mind and heart, I was simply riding into Shalom’s out-of-the-box plans. 

Shalom is one of the teachers who was with me when we were placed to teach in New Orleans, Louisiana back in September 2007. She’s a great friend and I love how candid she could be on whatever topic she fancies.

I turned off the phone and shut Shalom’s idea down too. 

But, God has His ways and purpose, and sometimes, He uses people like Shalom, to deliver the message. Because that weekend around the first week of September at Fil-Am Palarong Pinoy (a sports event for Filipinos-Americans in New Mexico), I saw Ate Cora (“Ate” is the Filipino word for older sister) as she was leaving the site.  Ate Cora isn’t really my older sister. I call her ate as a sign of respect. The last time I saw her and her husband was when I visited them in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  I waved to say hi! She said “Gem! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!” I said, “Sure, see you!”

The next day, after one of the volleyball games has ended, I left my post as a scorer and went to the cafeteria, there I saw her again. “Gem, you have an online website, right?” Smiling, I said, “Yes, be sure to check it out, OK?”

I just opened my online store selling clothes, trinkets, shoes, and cute items that month. I didn’t expect what she said next, “I too, have my own website!” I said, “Really, I’d like to see!” She showed me a website. 

Excitedly, I blurted “I want to join… I want to join! Share me the information, I want to know more!” “Sure, let’s talk more!”

On September 8, 2017, Ate Cora and I were in full operation of our business, Teach-USA, an employment facilitation agency created for the possibility of providing opportunities for Filipino teachers to teach in the USA.

When Shalom said, out of the blue, "Why not open a placement agency?", I said, "Oh yeah and be the opposite of what our agency did to us, an awesome opportunity!" And Shalom said, "Yeah!" I was simply responding positively to the suggestion. Never did I realize that one day, it will all come true. 

Teach-USA is celebrating its 1st year anniversary today, and I thank all the Filipino teachers who trusted us and allowed us to be instruments in making their dream of teaching in the US come true.

We give it back to God for He is the source of all these. Teach-USA can only do so much, but God with His mercy and blessings will make all things possible for our teachers, in His time.

To God be the glory.

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