The Art of Letting Go and Letting God


Teach-USA started its operations in 2018. Since then, we have helped 170 teachers dream of teaching in the US via the J1 visa/cultural exchange program.

The facts are easy to shout out, but the reality was it takes a lot of letting go and letting God for the story to unfold.
I remember wanting to teach outside of the country in 2007. With two little kids and a husband who works abroad as a seaman, I just knew I had to do something if I wanted a present husband and father to my kids.
I was eyeing Singapore since I have a relative who works there, and it's near the Philippines. But my husband prefers the US. Funny, but the way he said his preference seemed my only option.
As a computer teacher with MA SPED units, I had no idea about the US opportunity. Still, I knew it was one way to pray and tell God what I wanted and another to prepare my physical, emotional, and mental state for God to make it happen.
To tell God I'm serious about my plan, I already readied our family's passports and even bought a suitcase! And to pave more opportunities my way, I enrolled in another master's in computer programming!
Yes, that's how I let go and let God. I work a lot!
And that's how the teachers at Teach-USA let go and let God, they work a lot too! And then we allow God to do the miracles for us.
Surprisingly, He would outdo our efforts and, in His time, gives us our rewards.
May God be praised in all things we think, say, and do.

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