Which is Better? H1B or J1 Visa?

H1B and J1 visas are both non-immigrant visas.

The J1 visa is under the US Department of State. Max duration is five years. You go home for the two-year home requirement before you can reapply.

The max duration of the H1B visa is six years under USCIS. You are not required to go home to apply for permanent residency (green card) if filed within the period of your visa.

Which is better?


The J1 visa route would be better if you want a more straightforward process. But if you want the possibility of permanently staying in the US, H1B visa it is.

With the availability of sponsors for the J1 visa, you can fly to the US in 2-3 months. In contrast, the H1B visa is more lengthy, competitive, and challenging to reach. But, possible.

If you are willing to wait, then H1B is way better.
If you are in a rush, J1 visa it is.


The J1 or H1B visa holder would have the same based on their credentials and experience.


With the J1 visa process, you have three options:

1) go direct 
2) apply with local POEA recruitment agencies with partners in the US
3) join US registered agencies like Teach-USA

Teach-USA J-1 services fees can be found here: For Filipino Applicants -  - https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/05/teach-usa-service-plan-fee.html

With the H-1B process, you have three options:

1) go direct
2) apply with local POEA-registered recruitment agencies

or be radically different and join the Teach-USA H-1B Possibility Program

To join the program, use this link: https://www.teach-usa.net/the-h-1b-possibility-program 


With both visas, there are no guarantees.

There is no guarantee that you will be offered a job.

For a J1 visa sponsor to approve your sponsorship, all requirements from all parties (host school and applicant) have to be met. Sometimes, there is no guarantee that visa forms are still available, depending on timing.

There is no guarantee that the school district will offer you an H1B visa (since they will have to shoulder all legal and filing fees for sponsorship, it's costly on their part or they may have changed their directives or rules about sponsorships).

There is no guarantee that the US Embassy will approve your visa for whatever reason.


If you want to achieve your dream of teaching in the US anyhow or whatever visa it takes, then go for it! 

As they say, do your best, and GOD will do the rest! And if it's meant to be, it will be!


Whatever you choose, Teach-USA can help! 

To join the J1 visa option, go to https://www.teach-usa.net and follow the instructions found at the How-to-Apply page.

To join the H1b possibility program, go to https://www.teach-usa.net/the-h-1b-possibility-program.


  1. A blessed day ma'am Gemma. I believe that both program are great based from your statement so whichever comes first, I will grab the opportunity cause I know that God will grant my request on it's perfect time. May God bless us all 🙏

  2. For me I would prefer to wait even if it takes a little longer compared to the J1 visa. H1B is worth the wait so to speak. In H1B I can work for 6 years and I can qualify for benefits provided by the OWWA. and I can change my status without going back to the Philippines.

  3. In my case, both J1 and H1B will give better opportunities to those persistent applicants. However, is more advantageous compare to J1 especially in the number of years that you will stay in the US. In a simple mathematics, "the longer you stay in your workplace-the more you can earn".

    1. For me whichsoever comes first I will grab that opportunity. For as long as I can be accepted to teach USA that's great for me.

  4. I choose J1Visa the processing takes 2_3 months only,, hopefully God granted my prayers 🙏🙏

  5. I prefer J1 Visa and is hopefully God will grant my prayers

  6. Both programs are great! However, I prefer the H1B since there's no need to go back home to reapply if ever the applicant was granted a chance.Moreover,the possibility of staying permanently in the US is a plus.Anyway,it will be worth the wait if it's really for me.


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