Give Time And Be Patient!


The most powerful warriors in your US teaching applications are PATIENCE and TIME!

Don't say, "I'll try it!" Instead, "Do it!"

Give time to do it!

And be patient enough to allow God to make it happen for you!

Successful teachers in Teach-USA saw the crooked pathway ahead - it's a journey full of barriers and hindrances, but they never allowed those to block them from achieving their goals. They all looked beyond and saw the fulfillment of their dreams.

Read their stories here:

And so it is!


  1. Wow!So beautiful and amazing stories are here.Designed and given by God in order to prosper.I love to start my own journey too Ma'am Gemma.May God answers and show me His plan for me and family too.Its been my dream to teach in USA ,too.Thank you for sharing all your stories .May God bless everyone.

  2. Very inspiring stories and motivation in life. Thank you for sharing.


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