All for GOOD! #Weeklies

Week 50/52 #Weeklies

I saw a Southwest airlines flight promotion and suddenly thought about flying to California for the sake of getting the deal. I called my friend Ronalyn and told her I'd visit her on April 30, just in time for her birthday!

Then, she told me that if I'm traveling on my own I could sleep in their Airbnb since they have an extra bed. But I thought, why visit in two weeks instead?

Unfortunately, the house (Airbnb) they were staying at got burnt about a week before my flight!

And (fortunately) she was given a week to stay in a hotel free - just in time for my visit!

Isn't that neat?

hotel room view

hotel room view

by the bridge, about 5 minutes walk to Universal City

we stayed at Hilton hotel!

City Walk at Universal Studios

City Walk!

Because of our limited understanding, we might see the situation as bad luck, but in reality, it's all for a reason and purpose!

Weirdly, I got lucky!

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