There's Time For Everything!


When I was taking my masters in SPED, I'd hear teachers talk about working in the US.

I wasn't interested.


At that time, I was still in the process of knowing what I wanted and I was happy with where I was. I didn't even bother to inquire or ask questions about the US opportunity.

I heard the news from one ear, and it quickly went to the other ear. The possibilities doesn't excite me!

And it's all OK.

There's time and season for everything. 

I was the slowpoke. 

It took me time to know what I really, really wanted. 

But when I finally became firm and decisive, it was as if the heavenly doors just magically opened up for me.

When you are stressed out, anxious, or fearful about anything, it will only delay (the process of) getting what you want. 

Instead, be still. And in the silence of your hearts, you'll find your answered prayer.


  1. Words I needed at this point of my life where i feel like giving up

  2. Huh perhaps I am waiting for miracles,, When im studying Educ. bcoz my mom insisted it, I really hate it so it resulted to not so very pleasing grades but maybe I was chosen among those who are called that's why I got in the teaching.. As years passed I learn to love my profession. Will teach USA accept an applicant with not so pleasing grades but with genuine dedication and passion to teach? Just asking

    1. if you have the teaching license you should be good. please email your resume to


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