Are Part-Time Jobs Allowed Under J1 Visa?


Part-time jobs? Attend school in the US? Summer jobs at Walmart or any company? Online tutoring?

Everything that will require the use of your Social Security for taxes and payments other than your HOST SCHOOL... is NO, NO, NO.

Nope. Nada. Nunca. They are not allowed under J1 Visa Program. Hindi pwede. Best yet, ask your sponsor about it to be very sure.

Teachers, stay legal. If your school district will pay for summer classes, extended school year, schooling, tutoring then all is GOOD. Otherwise you are running into a lot of risks.

We know a student under J1 who did under-the-table nanny work at nights and weekends. I was just surprised to see her again in the Philippines on FB. I asked why, she said, she was deported when the Department found out about it. (Somebody must have told somebody and reported or something) But, bottomline is it is not worth doing illegal things under contract.

Illegal activities are not worth it!

Under the program, in all things you do, always contact your J1 visa sponsor. It is always best that they are in the know and have approved of your actions.

*Yes, including if you are traveling to the Philippines or other countries or states, if you are going to the doctor, hospital or if you lost your passport and other important documents or if you are sick and have been out of school for 5 days or more - everything about your health, safety, whereabouts... they have to know.

Read the contract before signing and reread it again before complaining.

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